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Our Mission: To be the Most Supportive and Trusted Resource for the Global Freelancer Community.

Introductory Membership may be a new resource, but founder Roy Sheppard has trained tens of thousands of freelancers over the past 25 years.

See below for a list of member benefits.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to know the price of something, but you have to wade through page after page of ‘stuff’ to find it! So here it is up-front:

Introductory price:

£10 GBP

(approx: 10 euros, $10 US)

per month.

The price will increase to £30 a month in the future, but as a founding member, your monthly £10 will remain the same.

(Please note: if you leave and then re-join, you’ll be charged the current membership rate, not the founding member rate).

Membership Benefits

Members gain access to our growing online community where they can enrol on our video-based courses, meet and collaborate with like-minded freelancers from around the world.

Our courses include:

  • “The Ultimate Resource for Freelancers” online course
  • “Be Stronger: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Financially and Spiritually” online course
  • How to Attract More Quality Consulting Clients Discreetly: without Selling” online course
  • Virtual coaching comprising more than a hundred questions with answers from Roy on video. Submit questions – the best ones will be added to this resource.
  • eBook: “Meet Greet & Prosper”
  • eBook: “Rapid Result Referrals”.
  • Free attendance to all our live online Q&A sessions during your membership.
  • Access to all past recordings of those sessions.


What if you decide to download the eBooks and binge-watch everything in the first month, and then cancel? That’s totally fine by us. Although we don’t think many will, when they experience the full long-term value of such a relatively small membership fee.

Who will benefit most from joining

  • Anyone who is looking to go full or part-time as a freelancer. Whether that is to earn a living, or just to supplement their income.
  • Freelancers aspiring to become an ‘elite’ freelancer in their field of expertise.
  • Freelancers who are extremely good at what they ‘do’, but struggle when it comes to finding clients or ‘hate’ the idea of selling themselves!
  • Battle-weary, long-term freelancers who recognise they need some fresh ideas to re-invigorate them and refresh their ‘tired’ client base.
  • People over 50, or approaching 50 and are exploring the viability of a self-employed freelance future. Perhaps because you want to leave your current employer, are being made redundant, or want to build a part-time freelance practice to improve your work/life balance. Or you want your work to fit in with family commitments.
  • Retired individuals who want a part-time second income.

Are you any of those people? If so, get in touch.

Reasons to Join Freelancer Support

Here, we understand what it’s like to be you. For some, self-employment is a choice, for others it’s a financial necessity. Either way, freelancing can be the ideal solution to earn a little (or a lot) more. To follow your true passions. Or simply to scale back on your hours so you can enjoy a more active non-work life. And, when you know how, freelancing is actually more secure than being in a full-time job these days.

For new freelancers as well as battle-weary ones, this online resource has a clear focus: to help you attract more business, with better clients, so you can earn more. It is practical and is based on the REAL world of freelancing in this increasingly competitive and cash-strapped economic environment.

If you are a typical freelancer, you are probably sceptical about whether such a course would be worth your time and the cost. We fully understand that. So, think of it as practical support when you most need it, not as a ‘training course’ (even though it has been organised that way).

Traditional classroom training costs freelancers double: the course fee, PLUS the fees you lose while you attend! Because this is online, help and support is available whenever you are!

We love to meet new freelancers around the world. Please get in touch